Victoria Day

Yesterday, our neighbours to the north celebrated one of their holiday’s we as American know little or nothing about.  Victoria Day is celebrated on or before the 24th of May and can be viewed as their version of Memorial Day.  The holiday was first celebrated in honor of Queen Victoria (1819-1901), when in 1854 a crowd gathered in Toronto to cheer for their Queen.  May 24 is also known as British Empire Day and that holiday is also celebrated through-out the empire.

Over the years the date of ‘Victoria Day’ was adjusted to celebrate the current reigning monarch of England (and also of Canada).  It has also at times been merged with the Holiday ‘Commonwealth Day’, which was moved to March, but Canadians have bravely continued to celebrate Victoria Day in May, mostly to get that all important 3 day weekend during nice weather.

While Victoria Day is mainly celebrated in Canada, it is also celebrated in parts of Scotland and the Cayman Islands where it is also a holiday.


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