Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club Century Run, May 19, 2007

Date:  5/19/07

Observers:  Chad Witko, Corey Finger, Will Raup, Danika Raup

Time:  1am to 9pm

Weather:  Mostly Cloudy with Rain in the late AM and PM.  Temps ranged from the upper 30’s in Partridge Run to the lower 50’s near Albany.

Locations:  Five Rivers EEC, Black Creek Marsh, Partridge Run, Alcove and Basic Creek Reservoirs, Holt Preserve, Deer Hollow Preserve, Stanton Pond, Coxsackie Reservoir, Coxsackie Creek Grasslands Preserve, Coxsackie Boat Launch, Coeymans Landing, Dunn Memorial Bridge, Papscanee Island, Rensselaer Tech Park, Cohoes Flats and Vischer Ferry.

Total Number of Species Seen:  123

Highlights in CAPS

1.     Canada Goose
2.     Mute Swan (Basic Reservoir)
3.     Wood Duck
4.     Gadwall
5.     Mallard
6.     BLUE-WINGED TEAL (Vischer Ferry)
7.     RING-NECKED DUCK (Alcove Reservoir)
8.     Common Merganser
9.     Wild Turkey
10.   Common Loon
11.   Double-Crested Cormorant
12.   LEAST BITTERN (2 heard and seen Black Creek Marsh)
13.   Great-Blue Heron
14.   Green Heron
15.   Turkey Vulture
16.   Bald Eagle (several locations all different ages)
17.   Red-tailed Hawk
18.   American Kestrel
19.   PEREGRINE FALCON (Dunn memorial Bridge, the chicks are getting big)
20.   Virginia Rail (Black Creek Marsh)
21.   Sora (Black Creek Marsh)
22.   Common Moorhen (Black Creek Marsh and Vischer Ferry)
23.   Semipalmated Plover (Stanton Pond)
24.   Killdeer
25.   Lesser Yellowlegs (Coxsackie Creek Grassland Preserve and Papscanee)
26.   Solitary Sandpiper
27.   Spotted Sandpiper
28.   Least Sandpiper (many locations)
29.   American Woodcock
30.   BONAPARTE’S GULL (Cohoes Flats)
31.   Ring-billed Gull
32.   Herring Gull
33.   Great-Black Backed Gull
34.   Rock Pigeon
35.   Mourning Dove
36.   Black-billed Cuckoo (Coxsackie Reservoir)
37.   Great-Horned Owl (Chick Screeching, Coeymans)
38.   Barred Owl (Partridge Run)
39.   COMMON NIGHTHAWK (7+ Flying over the water at Cohoes at Dusk)
40.   Chimney Swift
41.   Ruby-throated Hummingbird
42.   Belted Kingfisher
43.   Red-beillied Woodpecker
44.   Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
45.   Downy Woodpecker
46.   Northern Flicker
47.   Pileated Woodpecker
48.   Eastern Wood Pewee (Deer Hollow)
49.   Alder Flycatcher (Black Creek Marsh)
50.   Willow Flycatcher (Black Creek Marsh)
51.   Least Flycatcher
52.   Eastern Phoebe
53.   Great-Crested Flycatcher
54.   Eastern Kingbird
55.   Yellow-throated Vireo
56.   Blue-headed Vireo
57.   Warbling Vireo
58.   Red-eyed Vireo
59.   Blue Jay
60.   American Crow
61.   COMMON RAVEN (Great Looks at Partridge Run)
62.   Tree Swallow
63.   Northern Rough-winged Swallow
64.   Bank Swallow
65.   CLIFF SWALLOW (Basic Creek Reservoir and Vischer Ferry)
66.   Barn Swallow
67.   Black-Capped Chickadee
68.   Tufted Titmouse
69.   White-breasted Nuthatch
70.   Red-breasted Nuthatch
71.   Brown Creeper
72.   House Wren
73.   Marsh Wren (Black Creek Marsh)
74.   Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
75.   Eastern Bluebird
76.   Veery
77.   Wood Thrush
78.   American Robin
79.   Gray Catbird
80.   Northern Mockingbird
81.   Brown Thrasher
82.   European Starling
83.   Blue-winged Warbler
84.   Northern Parula
85.   Yellow Warbler
86.   Chestnut-sided Warbler
87.   Magnolia Warbler
88.   Black-throated Blue Warbler
89.   Yellow-rumped Warbler
90.   Black-throated Green Warbler
91.   Blackburnian Warbler (one which gave killer looks less than 2′ away at eye level)
92.   Prairie Warbler
93.   BLACKPOLL WARBLER (Vischer Ferry)
94.   Black-and-White Warbler
95.   American Redstart
96.   WORM-EATING WARBLER (Lincoln Pond in Partridge Run, NOT Deer Hollow)
97.   Ovenbird
98.   NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH (Vischer Ferry)
99.   Louisiana Waterthrush (Partridge Run in several locations)
100. Common Yellowthroat
101. Canada Warbler (Several in Partridge Run, 1 Vischer Ferry)
102. Scarlet Tanager
103. Eastern Towhee
104. Chipping Sparrow
105. Field Sparrow
106. Savannah Sparrow (Coxsackie Creek Grasslands Preserve)
107. Song Sparrow
108. Swamp Sparrow
109. White-throated Sparrow (Partridge Run)
110. Dark-eyed Junco (Partridge Run)
111. Northern Cardinal
112. Rose-breasted Grosbeak
113. Bobolink
114. Red-winged Blackbird
115. EASTERN MEADOWLARK (Industrial Turnpike, Coxsackie)
116. Common Grackle
117. Brown-headed Cowbird
118. ORCHARD ORIOLE (Rensselaer Tech Park.. They DO Exists!)
119. Baltimore Oriole
120. PURPLE FINCH (Partridge Run)
121. House Finch
122. American Goldfinch
123. House Sparrow

Big Misses:  American Bittern (despite Corey’s imitation at Vischer Ferry), Winter Wren, Carolina Wren, Hermit Thrush, Hairy Woodpecker, Nashville Warbler, Raptors, Eastern Screech Owl, Indigo Bunting (2nd year in a row), Fish Crow (ditto), Cedar Waxwing and Hooded Warbler.

A VESPER SPARROW was seen by only 1 of our members in Coxsackie and Could not be relocated by ther rest of us, so it doesn’t count.

123 species, is the exact total we had last year… Despite terrible weather this year (it wasn’t all that good last year).

For more details of our day, visit Corey’s blog starting Tomorrow at


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