Willie on the MTA

Did he ever return? Unlike Charlie, I did.

Between my friends Corey and Mike and I had an adventure getting down to New York City for the City Birding Challenge.  I was riding down with Corey (Danika says thank you) to Queens where I was going to meet Mike, before going to his house on Staten Island.  Just before we get to NYC, I get a call on my cell phone that Mike has a headache and doesn’t want to drive through traffic, because he’s too tired (and gets real cranky when tired).  He gives me directions to take the F train to Time Square than the 1 to the South Ferry Terminal, the Ferry to Staten Island and then the Staten Island Railway to his house.  Corey calls his girlfriend Daisy for directions as well.  He offers to drop me off at the 7 train, which I was to take to Queensboro Plaza then take the N or W to South Ferry and onto Staten Island.  Now, I had never ridden the NYC subway system before (I have in Boston, Montreal, Toronto and Washington) so I was a bit nervous getting on.  Looking at a subway map, it wasn’t clear if the N or W trains went to the ferry.  So, I took the 7 to Queensboro and then the N to Time Square.  I then got onto the 1 train and took it to the ferry terminal where I made the departing ferry by the skin of my neck.  After a nice sunset ride around New York harbor getting good views of Manhatten and the Statue of Liberty I arrived in Staten Island and at my destination.  I started at 5:30pm and arrived at Mike’s house by 8:00pm and cost me a whopping 4 bucks.  I then got my 3 hours of sleep before we headed out to do the New York City Birding Challenge, which my team the Forgotten Boroughing Owls won last year.  We knew we were going to get stiff competition from the team lead by Shane Blodgett and Rob Jett out of Brooklyn (whom we beat by 1 species last year), but more on that later.


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