Video Game Thursday: Resistance: Fall of Man PS3

Yes I know it’s Friday… Get over it.

9 out of 10

When it comes to system launch titles, the record hasn’t been very good.  Sony made a big deal about this game and some prematurely titled Resistance: Fall of Man a ‘Halo Killer’.  I think that is wrong, it isn’t a Halo Killer, it’s a clone.  In fact if you have played games like Doom or Prey, you will notice a lot of similarities.

While Resistance: Fall of Man is nothing new story wise, the game-play is smooth.  Everything functions well and the game pauses when you change weapons, allowing you to actually use the weapons, and there are quite a few, better.  The graphics are solid, with few really noticeable glitches or errors.  The A.I. is great, they hide, hunt and generally do a good job trying to kill you.  The single player game is solid, fun but the story line is similar to many other First Person Shooters…. You against the horde.  Good Luck.

The Strongest part of this game is its on-line play.  There are no lags and little pause between matches.  The various game modes are interesting and your solider gains ranks and perks the more you play.  The ability to join a clan if you wish is also awesome if you like making new friends (I don’t).

This game is a must buy currently for any PS3 owner.  If you didn’t pick it up when you got the system go and get it.  A veteran gamer won’t have too much trouble getting through the single player (which can be played co-op as well, split screen) but the on-line play and human challengers will make the game worth the $60.

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