Long Live the Bear!

I just read the news that Boris Yeltsin has died.  History will be mixed about him, but there is no question that he was the right man at the right time.  He prevented the Soviet Union from flying apart and may have prevented a catastrophic Civil War.  His economic policy’s after the break up of the Soviet Union were less than ideal, creating a lot of hardships for many ordinary Russians and giving rise to the Putin era.  The disastrous war in Chechnya in which thousands of both Russian Troops and civilians were killed also has tarnished Yeltsin.  Yet when the going was tough, Yeltsin rose to the occasion.  He defiantly thwarted a hard-line Communist Coup in 1991 and fought off another Communist surge in the 1996 Presidential elections.  A hard man with plenty of fight, Yeltsin represented the Russian peasant, proudly.

So pull out a glass and pour yourself some Vodka.  Raise your glass in silent tribute to Boris Yeltsin.  Long Live the Bear!


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