Video Game Thursday: MLB 2k7 PS3

4 out of 10

The newest installment of the 2K7 MLB franchise is still a mess.  First the good, the graphics are good, especially player animations.  I also like the pitching and hitting modes and the variety of different modes with each (though I found the six-axis hitting retarded).  The commentary of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan makes the game at least sound realistic.

Now the bad and there is lots.  The fielding camera is awful, fly balls to the outfield are always an adventure.  But the biggest knock is that the game-play is terrible.  There are way too many home runs.  If you try to turn the power down, you won’t hit another home run.  The computer seems to be able to rob you of 4 to 10 hits per game while your fielder seems to do a belly flop if you try to make the same play even if you do the buttons exactly right.  On the easy levels (Rookie and Pro) you will easily win 18 or 20 to 0.  On the slightly harder levels, you will lose 5 to 0 and one the hardest levels, you will lose 18 to 0.  The harder the level, the more perfect the computer becomes, unrealistically perfect.

On-line is mediocre at best, lots of lag at times and other times when you can’t even start a game.  Most games turn into home run derby, since the only way to avoid your opponent from not hitting is not throw a strike.  Throw a strike a watch it fly!  I once hit a 4 home runs in a game with Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies, who only hit 5 all of last year, so there is no realism here as well.

I would avoid this game.  If you have a PS2 or PSP get MLB 07 The Show made by Sony, the Career mode on last years games was excellent and I’ve heard they have made improvements to this years version.  The PS3 version is delayed and due out on 5/15/07, but still should be a much better game that 2k7.  MLB 2k7 seems as usual do be rushed, graphics are still their strong point, but the terrible game-play is just unforgivable.

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