Video Game Thursday: The PS3

That’s right folks, I paid for a Sony Playstation 3 and I have no regrets.  It may be the greatest gaming system I have ever owned.  I’ve had one now for just over a month and have yet to have a single issue with the thing.  The graphics are great (but vary depending on the game), the system does run hot, but never hot enough for me to worry and I’ve played it at times 8 hours straight.  The one knock I’ve had thus far is that the battery life in the Six-Axis wireless controllers is rather short, but all you have to do is plug it into the PS3 via a USB cable and the they charge up.  I have two controllers, one charging and one playing at all times.

The Blue-Ray player is also excellent and it may be the best DVD player I have seen.  The movies run smooth and music CD’s play great as well.  I do have the Hi-def cords, so the Blue Ray player looks great at 1080p.  I watched the movie Happy Feet and the visuals between the blue-ray and hi-def cords were stunning.  The 60 GB hard drive (the 20 GB system seems to have vanished) at this time seems impossible to fill, and with the cheap ps2 memory card adaptor I have transferred my old ps2 saved games onto the hard drive of my ps3.  Thus I didn’t have to sell all my games when I upgraded which is a great feature.

I don’t have Wi-Fi, so I don’t know how the wireless Internet works with the system, but the on-line features have been great thus far.  The two games I have played on-line (Resistance: Fall of Man and MLB 2k7) have generally run smooth with the only server or lag issues in MLB 2k7.  I have yet to really play around with all the additional ports and features on the ps3, although I did pop my digital camera card into the system and had no issue viewing my pictures on TV.

Although there are few games out for the system right now, remember you virtually have the entire ps1 and ps2 game library to play as well.  At $600, it’s a steep investment.  The X-Box 360 seems cheaper at first, but if you get an HD DVD drive, plus a play and charge kit it will cost you the same as a ps3 which has all those features out of the box.  Plus you don’t have to go on-line and download patches to play the older games like the X-Box 360.  Also the PS3 has not had the same technical problems as the X-Box 360, I personally know people who are on their third X-Box 360, Yikes!  As for the Nintendo Wii, at $250 its much cheaper, but its a weaker system.  The controller is innovative and fun, but the games lack a lot of edge.  Hardcore gamers won’t be impressed for too long with the Wii, as only people under the age of 12 and in Japan understand most of the games.  The Wii is a great starter system for families with young kids and also for people who are very casual gamers.

If you are looking for great games soon, with deep game-play and graphics, get a PS3.  You won’t regret it.  Even my wife, who was less than supportive with the purchase at first had her mind changed first with Resistance on-line and now the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which may be the best game out for the system right now (it’s been out for X-box 360 and PC for over a year now).  Purchase one and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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