This blog is dedicated to all the people who said I would never do anything with a degree in Greek and Roman Civilization!  Well I’m here to prove you all wrong, I’m doing something! (But I’m still not making any money…)

This blog will have a great deal of information about a variety of topics.  Birds, Baseball, Books, Classical Civilization, Movies, Music, Video Games etc.  A little something for everyone.

 Lets start simple though, with the title of the blog, SPQRSenatus Populusque Romanus, which translates from Latin into “the Senate and People of Rome”.  Much of my adult life thus far has been dedicated to the study of the Romans and ancient peoples of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.  Yet I have found that most people are woefully uneducated when it comes to the history, culture and literature in which much of today’s western society is based on.  Well it’s time to educate the world, one reader at a time.  So now you know what SPQR stands for.  Remember that when you are watching Jeopardy tonight.

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